‘Céline… une seule fois’: Additional Tickets In Sections A & B On Sale Today!

2013/07/20 3:00AM Canada (English)

Additional tickets, in limited quantity, in sections A and B for Celine’s unique one-night only concert on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec will go on sale today at 10am (ET). These tickets, originally set aside for production, have been released and will be available for purchase on the Billetech network, at www.billetech.com, at various ticket outlets and by calling toll free at 1-877-643-8131 or 1-800-900-SHOW. Tickets are still available in sections C, D and E.

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I miss it... i want to meet you so badly..2

I wish i could go so badly it's driving me crazy Sad I'd say make a DVD of this concert for those who are not able to go see Celine! it would mean so much to me and to the other fans and maybe add some bonus features as well like a video of rehearsals backstage access fan meet and greets or anything else that would be good for a DVD of this concert!
so please please please please please make a DVD of this concert for those like me who will do anything to see Celine but are not able to go! and for great and amazing memories for those who did go! Smile