‘Céline… une seule fois’: Additional Tickets In Sections A & B On Sale Saturday

2013/07/19 5:00AM Canada (English)

Additional tickets, in limited quantity, in sections A and B for Celine’s unique one-night only concert on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec will go on sale on Saturday, July 20 at 10am (ET). These tickets, originally set aside for production, have been released and will be available for purchase on the Billetech network, at www.billetech.com, at various ticket outlets and by calling toll free at 1-877-643-8131 or 1-800-900-SHOW. Tickets are still available in sections C, D and E.

Comments for this News article

I wish I could go so badly
we did try to get tickets but some reason it didn't work out and now I'm depressed
I really want to see Celine again I had such an amazing time in Vegas a month ago from today Smile
<3 I love you forever Celine <3

...i wish...i keep looking for flights but i cant find anything affordable :/