I'm Loving Every Moment With You


Do you realize how long it's been
Where does all my time with you go?
And all the memories
We shared as friends
Reflected - in my heart
Is where they show

I'm loving every moment with you
I'm living in a dream that's comin' true
I'm lost in everthing you do
I love you
I'm saving every moment for you
You're hidden in a place that's safe & true
Lovin' everything we do

With every second
You hold me near
I'm closer to a place I want to be
To hear you whisper
But no one else can hear
I want your love
To stay forever - inside of me

In our silence
Looking in your eyes
I hear words you don't need to say
Just hold on Baby
'Cause it's reason - I'm prayin'
You feel what I feel
In every way

(T. Keane / E. Pressly / T. Collins)
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I love this song it is my 4th favorite from this album Laughing out loud


an excellent, drippy, soothing, romantic song