Celine Dion: Unison

Celine Dion: Unison
Release date: Mon, Apr 2nd, 1990
Celine Dion's first ever English language recording, 'Unison,' has been argued to be the true beginning of the superstar as we know her today. Selecting material from such noted writers as Paul Bliss, Aldo Nova, Tom Keane, and David Foster, the collection is truly stunning.

The release of 'Unison' marked a bold declaration of independence, and a border breaking recording that took Celine into studios in London, Los Angeles, and New York.

The first single, "(If There Was) Any Other Way" was destined to be a major crossover radio hit from the beginning. Those familiar with Celine's earlier French recordings will be struck by the sensual presence she brings to such ballads as "The Last To Know," "Where Does My Heart Beat Now," and "Have a Heart."
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My favourite songs are:

If There Was Any Other Way
If Love Is Out Of Question
Where Does My Heart Beat Now
If We Could Start Over
Have A Heart

I love all of Celine's Albums but Unison is my favorite one. If We Could Start Over is my favorite song in the world. Never gets boring and I can just put it on repeat. Recently, I just found the instrumental to it. I love me some Celine Dion <3

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Love this album !!! She's so beautiful !!!

When I was younger and the first English-language album came out in September of 1990. When I first heard Celine Dion on the way back when. I was seven and eight years old. She's a great singer and she has such a great voice. Her hit singles are 'Where Does My Heart Beat Now', 'Unison', 'If There was Any Other Way', 'The Last to Know' and 'Have a Heart. Those songs were played on VH1, MTV and Much Music.

I really like Celine Dion.


this CD Celine's first in english is very strong vocally and the musicallity is excellent I have every album and DVD up to A New Day and will buy anything of Celine's as she is so loved by her fans and Celine loves her fans equally as much

My fav. songs are "Where does my heart beat now" and "If we could start over" Love

I Love You Celine,
Neli, Bulgaria ♥


My fav track is Where Does My Heart Beat Now...


Celine Dion's fine, sophisticated American debut which catapulted her on the way to superstardom is a great, tastefully unadorned debut, featuring her beautiful voice on mostly upbeat romantic songs. Five tracks on this album stand out from the others, especially the catchy title cut, Celine's first big hit "Where Does My Heart Beat Now", two Paul Bliss (of Moody Blues fame these days) songs in "(If There Was) Any Other Way" and "If Love Is Out of Question", and the sultry "The Last To Know".