Celine Dion: Taking Chances

Celine Dion: Taking Chances
Release date: Tue, Nov 13th, 2007
'Taking Chances,' Celine's first English-language studio album in over 3 years, features incredible songs written by an array of talented musicians. For this album, Celine collaborated with several musical greats including Linda Perry, Dave Stewart, Kara DioGuardi, Ne-Yo, Ben Moody, John Shanks, Anders Bagge, Kristian Lundin, Aldo Nova, "Tricky" Stewart and Chris Neil. Recorded mainly over a three-week period in July 2007 at Palm Studios in Las Vegas, this album showcases Celine's deep and powerful connection to the emotional core of her songs and her art.

Deluxe Edition CD/DVD (includes CD, booklet with song lyrics & DVD featuring a sneak peek of the A New Day... DVD) Collector's Edition Box Set (includes CD, booklet with song lyrics & DVD featuring a sneak peek of the A New Day... DVD, 16 panel photo album & Celine Dion Parfums Enchanting fragrance bottle)
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so sweet
so lovely


nothing above this : watch furious 7


My favorite songs are:

Right Next To The Right One
Taking Chances
Fade Away
Eyes On Me
My Love
Shadow of Love
Surprise Surprise
This Time
New Dawn
A Song For You
A World To Believe In
Can't Fight The Feelin'
I Got Nothin' Left
That's Just The Women In Me
Skies Of L.A.
Then You Look At Me
Love Doesn't Ask Why
That's The Way It Is
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Be The Man
Stand By Your Side
One Heart
I Know What Love Is
The Reason Go On
All Because Of You
Let Your Heart Decide
In His Touch
Map To My Heart
I Knew I Loved You
I Believe In You
I'm Your Angel
There Comes A Time
I'm Alive

My favourite songs are:

Taking Chances
My Love
Surprise Surprise
This Time
A World To Believe In
Fade Away
Map To My Heart
The Reason I Go On


This album is my 3rd favorite album ever I love it so much Laughing out loud here is my order of my favorites:
1-My love
2-A world to believe in
3-Shadow of Love
4-Taking chances
5-The reason I go on
7-New Dawn
8-Skies of L.A.
9-Right next to the right one
10-Surprise surprise
11-Fade away
12-Song for you
13-Eyes on me
14-Can't fight the feeling
15-I got nothing left
16-Map to my heart
17-This time
18-That's just the women in me
Love you forever Celine Smile


According to IFPI, Taking Chances has sold 3.1 million copies around the world in 2007.
Good one Celine Smile


I really love this album! It is a complete package of genre that i really like!
You're the best Celine! I love you! Sexy

This album is my second favorite album of all times!!!! my first favorite is a new day has come!!!!!!!!! Smile
this is the order of my favorite songs from this album from 1st to last:
1.My love
2.A world to believe in
3.Taking chances
5.Shadow of love
6.The reason I go on
7.Song for you
8.Eyes on me
9.Fade away
10.Surprise surprise
11.Can't fight the feeling
12.New dawn
13.This time
14.Map to my heart
15.Skies of L.A.
16.Right next to the right one
17.I got nothing left
18.That's just the women in me

and next the 4 videos from the deluxe version
1.I surrender
2.The power of love
3.I drove all night
4.I wish

Je t'aime pour toujour Celine
I love you for always Celine Smile!!!!!

Je T'aime Pour Toujour Celine
I Love You For Always Celine Smile!!!!!


This album is absolutely my favourite, and lots of its songs, like "taking chances", "my love", "alone" and "a world to believe in", have a special and personal meaning for me. Thank you for recording such good music! Love it!

I love your song This time. It was an inspiration to me in many ways ! It gave me the strength to put behind me and move fwd from an abusive situation and to take classes on defending myself. This man tried to kill me with a hammer and because I fought back I lived and i will NEVER be a victim to abuse again. Your song inspired me and inspired me to help other women to move fwd and never look back... we are all worthy of a beautiful life and to be loved and respected without abuse thank you for this song! It saved my life!


Listening to this album now Smile

You are my favorit artist.... I love you Celine.

I LOVE YOU CELINE DION )))))))))))))))))))

a song for you
my fave song

and alone, my love also

Nekem nagyon tetszik Ez a zene. Szeretem.

Celine u Rock!!!!!! I love this album and I look forward for new ones!!!


This is the first Celine's album that i bought and i really love it! Celine just rocks!
Some of my favourite songs from this album : Alone,Taking Chances, Fade away, That's just the woman in me, Can't fight the feeling

This is one of my favourite albums. My favourite songs in this album are:

Taking Chances
My Love
Surprise Surprise
This Time
A World To Believe In
Fade Away
Map To My Heart
The Reason I Go On

Celine Dion has released some AMAZING music throughout her career. She has sold millions and millions of albums. And if you take just one listen to this specific album you will see why. From the moment the first note plays on track one you are instantly drawn into a place adventure, euphoria and happiness. Taking Chances is my favorite Celine Dion album to date for many reasons. It sings to my heart and soul. Celine Dion's voice is sheer perfection on this album. When she sings, "This Time", I can feel the emotion and pain she is singing about through her voice. Celine is a true artisit. A living Legend.

"Laugh when you can,
apologize when you should,
and let go of what you can't change.

Kiss slowly,
play hard,
forgive quickly,
take chances,
give everything
and have no regrets.

Life's too short to be anything…but happy".

MY FAVORITE ENGLISH ALBUM ! So much I love this album that I bought all editions (the classic one, the deluxe one, the special edition) Smile It`s so different, so fresh and Celine ROCKS !! I just adore all the songs, the lyrics, the music, everything Smile THE BEST ENGLISH ALBUM OF CELINE !


I love this entire Album and every single one Céline has!

thanks Céline for your voice, your love and your music!
J'aime cet album et tous les autres que Céline en a.

Merci beaucoup Céline pour ta belle voix, ton amour et ta musique
Me encanta este cd y cada uno de los que Céline tiene
Gracias infinitas Céline por tu increible voz, tu amor y tu música!!

Celine canta muito, adimiro o trabalho dela!!!!

I simply love this album, one of the best ever recorded...Celine did a great job on this album

We'll always love you Celine

Such an amazing album but sad singles like This time, A world to believe in, Eyes on me were not promoted and the album didnt do well..


This is not the best Celine's album but with these one i fall in love with her !

She give me "A World To Believe In"


i love all your songs ive been listening to them since i was a child and iam only 19 years old now lol
you should come to belfast and do a tour



taking chances... hmm. this album is really2 different from the other ones from celine. more rock, but i think this album has too many genre for one album. from rock-taking chances, rock orchestra-alone, middle east flavour-eyes on me, piano ballad-my love, fast pace-shadow of love, rock-surprise surprise, rock-this time, gospel-a new dawn, piano solo-a song for you, ballad-a world to believe in, rock heavy-can't fight the feelin, r&b sound-i got nothing left, acoustic-right to the next one, fast pace-fade away, blues-that's just the woman in me, and acoustic piano-skies of L.A. too many genre and too many remake hits. maybe i prefer falling into you or let's talk about love. i hope the next english album would be much2x better from this. the third falling into you (After let's talk about love off course Laughing out loud)?

perfecttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt..... i love you celinedion...

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nossa não sei o que escrever deste albun, eu só sei que é a perfeição, celine ultrapassa todas as barreirar e se supera neste album provando mais uma vez que ela é simplismente perfeita.

I am sweet and very friendly carinhozo with good humor nuit watching life go and live her dreams and goals always crave but only now that I'm running consegundo


I find that this album shows off a few sides of Celine we have never seen or heard before. The songs that really show it are:

Taking Chances- more of a rock tune, which shows off her rough side.

Alone- a remake of the hit 1987 Heart song, with more of an orchestral sound, perfect for passion and power.

Eyes On Me- with the Middle-Eastern sound, gives off more of a sexier sound.

My Love- shows off her normal tone of love.


Love love love this great album!!!
My fav tracks are
Taking Chances
My Love
Eyes on Me
Shadow of Love
A World to Believe in
Fade Away
That's Just The Woman In Me

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