Celine Dion: One Heart

Celine Dion: One Heart
Release date: Tue, Mar 25th, 2003
'ONE HEART' is the follow-up to 'A NEW DAY HAS COME', and marked Celine's return to the stage.

Highlights include a rendition of the Roy Orbison classic, I Drove All Night written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly. ONE HEART also features songs produced by Ric Wake, Anders Bagge, Kristian Lundin, Peer Astrom, Max Martin, Mark Taylor, Erick Benzi, and Humberto Gatica, among others.

The release of ONE HEART coincided with the premiere of Celine’s spectacular first Las Vegas show “A New Day…” a five-year 700-show engagement at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.
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sometimes, under rated albums do have awesome list of songs inside them.
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This is such an underrated album. There are so many great songs on the album. Granted, there's no smash hit like MHWGO but just fun, upbeat songs. When I listen to this album, it makes me really happy. I like the way that Celine tried a few more dancey, upbeat songs for this album because previously she didn't have too many of these sorts of songs with the exception of LCMM and DOL. It certainly wasn't as big a success as Let's Talk About Love but it is definitely a necessary, must have Celine album for sure.

My favourite songs are:

I Drove All Night
In His Touch
One Heart
Stand By Your Side
Have You Ever Been In Love
I Know What Love Is
Je T'aime Encore


I love this album so much it is my 5th favorite ever
Here's the order of my favorite songs:
1-I know what love is
2-Stand by your side
5-In his touch
6-Have you ever been in love
7-I drove all night
8-One heart
9-Sorry for love
10-Forget me not
11-Et je t'Aime encore
13-Coulda woulda shoulda
14-Love is all we need
Love you Forever Celine Smile


I'm listening to this album now, it is wonderful!

I <3 you Celine Smile

This CD is magnificent voice to the songs of Celine's all God continue to bless you love you more Celine

My all time favorite Celine Dion album, One Heart is an upbeat pop album with amazing tracks. This album contains not only my favorite Celine song but all time favorite song "I Drove All Night".
The 1st track "I Drove All Night" is sexy, up beat and passionate.
The track "Faith" is a sweet song about standing by your companion.
"Naked" being my 2nd favorite track is about falling and staying in love, being able to still feel butterflies after time has passed.
"Sorry for Love" a song that declares that even if a relationship ends there is no regrets. This track also appeared on Celine's "A New Day Has Come" album
The song "Reveal" is a awesome but a bit more risqué track, very sexy.
"Forget Me Not", such a sweet song and I can't help but smile when I hear it.


the best

haruwii_celine > philippines <

stand by your side .... !!!


Really one Heart...

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Dr.Redwan 666...

No doubt an amazing album.. would have loved to see the singles Naked, Je t'aime encore, I know what love is being released


i like how the album was created, very fresh and young, simple lyrics, captivating tune, and at the same time catchy motive of about love in unison in which everyone can relay too. this perhaps is one of the best albums that celine had recorded. if this album is well promoted, definitely it will sold more than 5 million.

faith!!! ;-p

One of Celine's best albuns, my fav track is Naked and I drove all night

We'll always love you Celine


My fav tracks are
I drove all night
one heart
have you ever been in love

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Love this great album..
Sold more than 5 million copies Shock

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