A Mother's Prayer


I pray you'll be my eyes
and watch her where she goes
and help her to be wise
help me to let go
every mother's prayer
every child knows
lead her to a place
guide her with your grace
to a place where she'll be safe
I pray she finds your light
and holds it in her heart
as darkness falls each night
remind her where you are
every mother's prayer
every child knows
need to find a place
guide her with your grace
give her faith so she'll be safe
lead her to a place
guide her with your grace
to a place where she'll be safe

(David Foster / Carole Bayer Sager)
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Hello ijordan685,

Thank you for pointing out the error in the lyrics and we have since corrected them.


Love these lyrics, only, there may be an error on the above written lyrics (second verse fourth line down) remind?

Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with the world. God bless you Céline.

I have always loved this song and it has always made me a little teary eyed but I now have a beautiful baby girl who was born March 11, 2008...now this song reminds me each time of how unconditional a mothers love really is, because this is how I really feel. My daughter is my world and I hope for only the best in her life. This song makes me cry like a baby everytime I hear it now. Nothing describes the love of a mother better than these lyrics.

I am using this song in my wedding for the mother's song! It is so beautiful and touching to every mother out there and to every child who has had a wonderful mother in their life!

Although this song is about a daughter, I received Miracle Cd at the baby shower for my son. I sing it to him sometimes because it represents the incredible love I feel for him and how I pray that God will watch over him as he grows.

My Mom Adored you, having every one of your tapes. She passed one year ago of cancer. A Mother's Prayer was the song she always played, and she called it our song. I listen to that song and thank God for Celine. She touched my mom's life and mine as well.

This song (and entire cd) is so wonderful. From the second I first played it, my daughter wanted to snuggle. She signed the word 'more' every time you stopped singing. She sang along in baby singing. She falls asleep in my arms listening to this cd every night. I pray every night for her to stay safe and healthy. We love this cd!

I sang this song 3 times, at my best friend's wedding, at another friend's daughter's wedding and at a friends funeral. This song really is a prayer of faith that asks for guidance and comfort. Every time I hear or sing it, I feel the power of love.

I love this song so much. The first time that I heard it, it made me cry. (A good cry!) I have lost several babies to miscarriage and I felt like those were my words to God about guiding my babies in heaven. I named one of my babies "Faith" and her name is even a part of the song. Thank you for such a special song!!

I just happened to be off work the day this album was introduced on Oprah. I immediately ran out to purchase my copy and probably listen to it at least once a day. It's inspirational, motivating, and captivating all at the same time. Miracles come in all forms... from infants to friendships... Thank you Celine for so beautifully putting this to music...

I am only 15 years old and i have a special place in my heart for this song! It makes me think about when i get married and grow up. It's all moving so fast and this song reminds me that my mother will be there for me no matter how fast my life is moving.

I love this song, ever since I was little. From the eyes of a teenager in this day and age, I want to be the first to say that this truly seems to capture a pure love, and even a feeling of respect from the mother figure to the child that the child is going to be able to make their own decisions. This song is truly a masterpiece!

My only daughter will be married next April and this song will be played during the ceremony. We are very close and this song just says it all.

This song is so pretty, I am a dance teacher and I picked it as my lyrical song to teach to the kids. The kids really enjoy it so far and it is coming along as such a pretty dance, but without the song it would just be blah. It is very beautiful!

When I saw Celine on Oprah singing this song, I chose it at that moment to play at my daughter's wedding next May. This song says everything I want to tell my daughter on her wedding day.

My sister is getting married (sniff sniff) and when my mom and her fiance's mom light the candles, the song "a mother's prayer" is going to be playing. we love that song so much, it is the dance song they picked out as their wedding song.

This is the most beautiful song and lyrics that I have ever heard, it makes me cry each time I hear it. In fact Celine's voice makes me cry, she has the voice of an angel.

This song always gives me chills when I hear it. And your verison is so beautiful. I have three daughters and I wish them all to be loved and safe from all that is harsh in this would.

Realy wonderful. Represents the love from a mother. And I believe that all mothers in this world agree.

I am unable to have children. We have pets instead. We do animal rescue and have 9 dogs and 1 cat right now. We just lost the one dog that was not a rescue animal. We adopted her from the pound when we were a newly married couple. She she was a 10-week old yellow lab puppy. Her name was "Champagne". She was my heart and the light of my life. She was the closest thing to having a human child we could have ever imagined. She passed away September 2nd (a month and a half ago). She took my heart with her. Every time I hear your song, it reminds me of her. I was her mom. She was my baby. The words of your song are my prayer that if dogs have souls, she is in God's care now. This song brings me to tears because I think of her and miss her with each breath I take. But it also comforts me in thinking she is now in a safe place, free from cancer, and that she's hopefully now fully realizing just how much I truly loved her.

4 years ago this December I had a baby girl that I gave up for adoption. It was not the right time in my life and I could not take care of my baby in the best way she deserved. I wanted her to have a family, a mom and a dad to care for her. I knew the best decision was to give her to a love deserving family that could not have children on their own. I think about her all the time, she is my little angel. I say a prayer for her each day and know God has her in good hands. I will love my little angel always, and hope one day she realizes I gave her up because of the great love I had for her.

I remember this song going through my mind the day that my daughter married. I had raised her alone and now all I could do was whisper this prayer for her as she stepped forward in to a new phase of her life

When I was pregnant with my first child Loryle, I was very sick and I thought that I wouldn't be able to carry her to full term, but I prayed every night and now she is very healthy, happy, beautiful baby. So this song really helps me know that if your determined enough and pray there is always something great waiting for you.