Celine Dion: Loved Me Back to Life

Celine Dion: Loved Me Back to Life
Release date: Tue, Nov 5th, 2013

The wait is over! Celine returns with Loved Me Back To Life, her first English-language album in six years. Celine collaborated with an exceptional team of songwriters and producers resulting in an absolutely amazing collection of songs. The album's pulsating, upbeat title-track will leave you wanting more. We are thrilled that Celine invited two very talented artists to join her on two fabulous duets: Ne-Yo on "Incredible' and Stevie Wonder on “Overjoyed”. Loved Me Back To Life, reconfirms Celine's status as a musical icon. This is an album to discover!

The Deluxe Edition includes two bonus tracks - "How Do You Keep The Music Playing" and "Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)” plus four collector postcards.

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I really love this album! Céline is just showing other side of her beautiful and uncomparable voice.
My favourite song from this album is "Water And A Flame". That's why I've recorded it as a tribute to my very first music idol! Please, listen to it and tell me what you think about it. It's very important for me Smile

Come back soon, Céline!

Mauro Guerieri



I totally agree with "celinecolombian"

Amazing album, though probably not the best one she's ever recorded. I can't make up my mind for a definite order of my favourite songs, but here's my current list:

1. Always Be Your Girl
2. Somebody Loves Somebody
3. Water And A Flame
4. Breakaway
5. Didn't Know Love
6. At Seventeen
7. Save Your Soul
8. Loved Me Back To Life
9. Open Arms
10. Unfinished Songs (I liked the movie version much better!)
11. Incredible
12. Thankful
13. Thank You
14. How Do You Keep The Music Playing
15. Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)
16. Overjoyed

I agree that there should be a music video, but not necessarily for "Incredible". I'd prefer "Somebody Loves Somebody" or "Loved Me Back To Life" (Céline herself already had a great idea for a music video to this song). It would also be nice to have a video for "Breakaway" or "Water And A Flame".

Best Selling Female Artist of All Times comes back 6 years later with an English album...with NO music video....

Would that be the worst move of her career?

i think so.

Loved Me back to Life, Water and a Flame, Incredible, Breakaway all scream for a music video.


My favorite songs in order from this album are:
Thank You
Always Be Your Girl
Open Arms
Somebody Loves Somebody
Unfinished Songs (Album Version)
Loved Me Back To Life/How Do You Keep The Music Playing/Lullaby (I cant decide which one's better)
Didn't know love
water and a flame
At Seventeen
Unfinished Songs (Movie Version)
Save Your Soul
I love them all soooo Much Laughing out loud!!!!!
I Love you forever Celine Laughing out loud!!!!!


this is your best album ever.this made me happy and made me want to dance


One of the best albums I ever hear ♥ .
That voice *__*
My favourite song from this album is "Breakaway" Smile .
Summing : Beautiful

I want to see Celine live in Poland again Smile
I love "Loved Me Back To Life" Smile xx

First of all, Loved Me Back To Life is really good. As it's own, they are really different from Celine's past albums. I don't want to start to comparing them.

My favorites until today are:
1. Loved Me Back To Life (of course!)
2. Somebody Loves Somebody
3. Incredible
4. Overjoyed
5. Always Be your Girl
6. Unfinished Songs (I love the new version!)

But sadly, until today, I keep open Celine's Vevo on YouTube hoping that they post the new video for 'Incredible', but nothing happened.

I don't really know what going on there with Celine and her team, but I think it's not really good.
It's like they didn't do anything for the album except putting Celine singing live in the TV program and some concert.

If we looked back for Celine's past album, each album has 4-7 music video. Starting from A New Day Has Come, they reduce with 2-3 music videos. So far Loved Me Back To Life and Miracle that don't have music videos. Even Taking Chances has one, You And I has music video.

I hope they will make the music video soon, or release the music video for 'Incredible' soon.
And they make 2 or more videos for Loved Me Back To Life, Somebody Loves Somebody, and Unfinished Songs.

Please Celine, make your new album soar like your did in the past?

I feel so disappointed of Celine and her team, they have done nothing good to promote this album, they just recorded it and left it there. Careless...

It is such a masterpiece this album, why not promote? Why not music videos? I mean, you have released so many singles, but none of them has a video, that's important nowadays!

I've been a fan for almost 20 years and also feel that there's no more love for what they used to love doing, just recorded an album and done, that's it!

Sad to say, but true...


Beautiful album. I love it so much.
I love every song and I listen to them every day.
Thanks Celine for this masterpiece <3

Celine Dion................Oum Kalthoum West nicest possible sound like a wonderful sense

My favourite songs are:

Loved Me Back To Life
Somebody Loves Somebody
Always Be Your Girl
Unfinished Songs

These are my favorites songs from this album (one of the best):
- Somebody loves somebody (should have been the first song of the album)
- Breakaway
- Incredible
- Save Your Soul
- Didn't Know Love
- Loved me back to (only the studio version made me start liking this song)
- Thank You
- Thankful
- Water and flame
- Always Be Your Girl
- Unfinished Songs
- At Seventeen
- How Do You Keep the Music Playing

The order of the songs only shows what songs i like best.

Celine, René,
... I'm gonna stand, stand by your side / Kiss all your tears away tonight / I'm gonna stand, stand by your side / Make you believe again / I wanna look in your eyes now and see you smiling again ....
Hope you are felling better. Love you

My Favo Songs From this Album :
-Unfinished Songs
-At Seventeen
-Didn't Know Love
-Save Your Soul
-Always Be Your Girl
-Somebody Loves Somebody
-Water and A Flame
-How Do You Keep music

Celine You Never Tour Indonesia ! I Want you To Tour to Indonesia And Concert !

i Hope My Wish Have been Answer

celine.. all your songs is very great i love it Smile

Celine, what happened with your voice girl?? It`s not there Sad !! Sorry to say but I don`t like this new album of yours...but I still love you beyond your music, you are a great human being <33


Some songs like Water and a Flame should be added to the las vegas setlist!

What's wrong with Celine and her team? No music videos from any of the singles? You need to promote! That's why the first single didn't go well... So sad!

My order of favorites from this album keeps changing I realize I probably already have a million lists of them but I love sharing them with you guys Smile here's my new list:
4-Always be your girl
5-Open arms
6-How do you keep the music playing
9-Somebody loves somebody
10-Loved me back to life
11-Didnt know love
12-Unfinished Songs (both versions)
13-Water and a flame
14-At seventeen
15-Save your Soul
I love all 16 of these songs almost equally that's why the order is always changing Wink
Love you and your songs forever Celine Smile!!!!!


Good job Céline, Keep it up



I love this album!!! it's great! My favourites in order:

1. Breakaway (and my 2nd favorite song of all yours)
2. Loved me back to life (and one of my favourites of all yours)
3. Somebody loves somebody
4. Thankful
5. Save your soul
6. Water and flame
7. unifinished songs
8. At seventeen
9. Incredible

Please! We need a world tour about this album! I live in Barcelona, so please include this city in your world tour! I hope to go to one of your concerts since 1996 and never I could because it was difficult for me to go another country, it was so expensive for me. So I would be very grateful if you come to Barcelona in a live concert. It means a lot for me! Your voice always helps me like a balm.

I love you, thank you for all!

kisses from Barcelona

Gaudeix del moment!


I love lullaby goodnight my angle!!! Laughing out loud the song and your voice are unbelievably beautiful and I cannot get over it it is in my top 5 from the album I LOOOOOOVE it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing out loud
I love you so much Celine Smile I get to see you in Vegas again but not till next winter cuz this year we're really busy but I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing out loud
you are amazing Celine
God Bless You!!! and have a wonderful 2014!!!!! Smile


You always make me happy with your beautiful songs.I enjoy your very beautiful songs.
We will always love you Celine's . Forever
thank you Celine


LOVED ME BACK TO LIFE - My new favourite album of Celine Dion! Better than the TAKING CHANCES album and probably even better than the ANDHC album! I'm in love with every single song, the very TOPs are Loved Me Back To Life, Water & a Flame, At Seventeen and Breakaway.
Please come on tour again with LOVED ME BACK TO LIFE, Céline <3

Brice totally agree with u, this modern, fresh album needed better songs than Overjoyed and How do you keep the music playing? it doesn't mean that these songs r bad (actually I don't like overjoyed :Drunk but these songs really doesn't fit for this album, open arms could have been a great choice than Over joyed and another uptempo song instead of HDYKMP would have made the album better and better, people need to listen to new fresh songs from Celine than listening to old fashioned covers :S


This album truly spoke to me. Every song in this album seems to be my life with my husband.It was truly enlightening once i listened to it. Thank you so much Celine from the bottom of my heart for creating this amazing album. I Wish I could tell her in person how much this album meant to me. I nearly cried and smiled in each one, it made me realize what I am doing in my life and what I should be doing."Somebody loves somebody"- This song is so my husband and I, we love each other so much. I love the song somebody loves somebody plays because I love the line " When somebody love somebody that's the way its supposed to be cuz you know no body else would put up with your games." I only wish i could speak to Celine to tell her from the bottom of my heart how much her music means to me:) I LOVE YOU CELINE!!!!

I don't like Beyoncé but I have to admit that she's done a very smart move, of course it's a commercial move, but at least it's a good one. Way better than not knowing which direction to go for the next album, then decide to put 6 cover songs from a show and 6 new songs (because fans supposedly ask for those covers at the boutique), then cancelling the release 1 month prior to the release date, and finally releasing the album 1 year later, with no music video, and finding a way to still put the original songs that were supposed not to be fitting in a modern album. This shows a complete lack of artistic thinking, and very bad management, when they should have released an EP 2 years ago with the Vegas covers to be sold at the Colosseum and online, and a true new album.

I can't believe I live in a world where people would decide that Overjoyed and HDYKTMP fits in a modern pop album like LMBTL, and Open Arms doesn't.
Furthermore, René said earlier this year that they were keeping only 2 Vegas covers on the album because they had new arrangements. Well, Open Arms clearly has a different arrangement than performed in the Vegas show, it's been made more pop and modern. And yet, that's the ONLY song they decided not to release internationally. This song is special to many fans because they feel that this song is for them. It's a perfect opening for this classy show, when Celine sings the song in Vegas, she litterally opens her arms to the audience. I really think it should have been included in the standard edition of the album instead of this annoying and dated version of Overjoyed. What's even more frustrating is that we'll never know because Celine's team doesn't communicate at all about things like that, that we really crave to know and be involved in (i.e. artistic decisions). That is why I think it is very important to voice my opinion on the official website.
And one last thing... Beyoncé has 17 music videos for her new album, and Celine can't even have one out for her new album in 6 years ? I know that Celine is more an album-seller, but she's not Barbra Streisand, LMBTL was a relevant modern pop song, and even if it was not as successful as expected, it deserved a proper music video.


you are really the best and wonderful. I live with your songs dear Celine Dion and lovely. I am infinitely grateful and I love you.

I live with your songs dear Celine, all your songs are amazing Sexy

Art and Design

Celine, keep recording R&B songs, I love this album, ♫with everything I am Thank You!


Celine CNN said R.I.P Celine Dion and Her Heart Will Go On !!! they said you had a car accident and died and ET said you had a plane crush do something about it and say the whole world that it's false
I Love You <3 You are my Idol my 2nd. mother <3


Best album ever besides a new day has come
1- Breakaway
2- Thank You
3- Always Be your Girl
4- Somebody Loves Somebody
5- Thankful
6- Incredible
7- Loved Me Back To Life
8- At Seventeen
9- Water And A Flame
10- Unfinished Songs
11- Didn't Know Love
12- Save Your Soul
13- Overjoyed

Love them all Celine!!! you are the best Je t'aime!!!!!!! Laughing out loud
please release some new music videos btw Celine I just know that they would be AMAZING!!!!!!


One of the best Celine's albums, really amazing, all the songs are perfect, but the question that all fans do is ... WHERE ARE THE VIDEOS CLIPS?

Celine, Brazil loves you <3

where is the music video?

They should also release the movie version of Unfinished Songs Smile

bg.jpg276.76 KB


Still no new music videos yet hmmmmmh and I still havnt heard Celine on the radio with her new songs I just don't understand this its not fair to Celine she deserves better than this her new songs are way to amazing to be ignored!!!!!


All songs are excellent! I love it! Celine's voice still amazing! But where is Humberto Gatica? I love the way he captures the voice of Celine.. or much preferred =) ..that's just for my own preference =) i have nothing against somebody.. they're also excellent! =)
Somebody loves somebody... great natural voice! May God always bless you Celine and your team/company! I'm longing for the 16 songs in your album =( hoping for your annual album! haha! we only got the standard cd here in the Philippines. Hoping for no more de luxe edition, just as standard edition that includes 16 songs =)

Joefrey Rosario Chan

I am very disappointed with this album ... what happened to the real Celine Dion? She sacrificed her soul to the fashions of the moment, closing her magnificent vocal range in a drawer. I'm sorry to say, but I do not like this new album (firts time in my life: I never thought I could say such a thing about Celine Dion!!! I love her too much!!!)!

P.S. I think Brice is right: where's "Open arms"???

I am not sure if someone reads the reviews or not. The album is out of the top 10 in US, I dont know if this is deliberate but the way Celine's albums have been promoted since 2002 has been disappointing. These amazing albums deserve better. Some really beautiful songs and all being ignored.. Sad to see such beautiful songs not getting what they deserve..

Whose idea was it to put Open Arms only on the Japanese edition when many many fans were waiting for that song. It should have been included in the bonus tracks internationally instead of the really boring How Do You Keep... (even the title is so long that it's tiring writing it), or even on the regular album instead of the much irritating Overjoyed which seems really out of place in this amazingly fresh and modern album. Open Arms has a more pop vibe to it. Too bad. Fans will probably have to download it illegally.


What? No music video yet???.. What is wrong here? I hope the next single is either Breakaway or Didn't know love and a music video is out soon...


After listened the album for 1000 times, I can finally choose my favorite tracks...
The list based on the tracks number :

- Loved Me Back To Life
- Somebody Loves Somebody
- Incredible
- Water and a Flame
- Breakaway
- Save Your Soul
- Overjoyed
- At Seventeen
- Lullabye

But, my top 3 songs that I put in a special playlist are
- Somebody Loves Somebody
- Unfinished Song
- Loved Me Back To Life


absolutely excellent. have listened to it 3 times now and it is such a wonderful mix. well done all


This album is amazing!!!! Personally, here is how I think the songs go from top to bottom:

1. Water and a Flame
2. Thank You
3. Loved Me Back To Life
4. Always Be Your Girl
5. Somebody Loves Somebody
6. Unfinished Songs
7. Incredible
8. Breakaway
9. At Seventeen
10. Lullaby (Deluxe Edition)
11. Thankful
12. Overjoyed
13. Save Your Soul
14. How Do You Keep The Music Playing (Deluxe)
15. Didn't Know Love [I still really love this song, too, and it is my last choice, that should tell you how great this album is]



Having just downloaded this album on iTunes...I think it may be on repeat until I go to work tomorrow! Smile Loving this album.. favourites are - Loved Me Back To Life, Somebody Loves Somebody, Breakaway, Save Your Soul, Water and a Flame.. but at the moment my number 1 has to be Thank You. Please do a UK tour Celine..not begging or anything! Wink Great album!!

I am a huge fan of Celine and love her music. But I must admit that I am actually a bit disappointed with her new album. Although I have my favourites, "Somebody Loves Somebody" being a the top Wink, I think most of the songs on the album lack that power in her voice. But I still love her and her music no matter if each new album is better than the previous one. I hope she will do another world tour soon so I can see her live again. Although my biggest dream is to see her show in Las Vegas but until this dream comes true (and am sure it will because dreams do come true if you really believe in them) I got her new album (and all old ones) to enjoy Wink