Celine Dion: Let's Talk About Love

Celine Dion: Let's Talk About Love
Release date: Tue, Nov 18th, 1997
With the phenomenal success of her 1996 release 'Falling Into You,' Celine has firmly established herself as the premier songstress of her generation. 'Let's Talk About Love' is a fifteen song collection of extraordinary performances by Celine, joining forces with some of music's brightest lights. Clearly, Celine has attracted the full attention of the music world, and 'Let's Talk About Love' brings this into focus with an album containing a remarkable range of pop music gems. Recorded in London, New York and Los Angeles, 'Let's Talk About Love' features a host of special guests including some of popular music's greatest vocalists, songwriters, and producers. Some of the album highlights are outlined below ...

"Tell Him" is the first single from the album and is a duet with the legend herself, Barbra Streisand. This stunning collaboration was born of the singers' initial meeting at the 1997 Academy Awards. These two extraordinary voices come together to bring life to a song that is sure to move all who hear it.

"The Reason" kicks off 'Let's Talk About Love' in high style. It was written by Carole King and produced by legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin. The track was produced and recorded at Air Studios in London.

"Immortality" is the third song on 'Let's Talk About Love' and is written by Barry Gibb and the BeeGees. The BeeGees also lend backing vocals to this beautiful, airy ballad that will touch the hearts of many. The song was produced by Walter A. at the Hit Factory in New York City.

Celine jumps into the dancehall world with a joyous, upbeat track that shakes the album into high gear with "Treat Her Like A Lady." Written by a team that includes Diana King, "Treat Her Like A Lady" was produced by Ric Wake at the Hit Factory NYC.

"I Hate You Then I Love You" was a worldwide smash for Italian superstar Tony Renis in the '60s. On this album, "I Hate You Then I Love You" is given a remarkable re-working featuring the voices of Celine and another Italian superstar, Luciano Pavarotti.

"Let's Talk About Love" was penned by Bryan Adams and French superstar Jean-Jacques Goldman and produced by David Foster. This late addition to the album is yet another fine example of the sing-along blockbuster ballads Celine is famous for. Gorgeous 'Beatlesesque' production techniques (including strings and a children's choir) give this song a magical air.

"Where Is The Love" and "Miles To Go (Before I Sleep)" were both written for Celine by Canada and Sony's very own Corey Hart.
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Martin. The track was produced and recorded at Air Studios in London. opticians london

-working featuring the voices of Celine and another Italian superstar, Luciano Pavarotti. http://www.taoofbadasstoday.com/

It's as versatile as Celine's amazing voice, and that's why this album is one of my favorites. Tessa

songwriters, and producers. Some of the album highlights are outlined below ... Loft conversions London

My favourite songs are:

Tell Him
Where Is The Love
When I need You
Miles To Go
My Heart Will Go On
To Love You More
Let's Talk About Love
Be The Man (Japanese Version)


this album and a new day has come were the first Celine albums I had on my ipod with the songs to love you more, I'm alive and I surrender and now I have over 300 of her songs on my ipod and almost all of her cds Laughing out loud
here are my order of favorites from this album:
1-My heart will go on
2-To love you more
3-Where is the love
4-Love is on the way
5-Let's talk about love
7-The Reason
9-Tell him
10-Why oh Why
11-Miles to go (before I sleep)
12-When I need you
13-Just a little bit of love
14-treat her like a lady
15-I hate you then I love you
16-Amar hacienda el amor
love you so much Celine Laughing out loud!!!!!

Celine's music never gets old! Her voice is phenomenal..forever a fan!


billig lån celine lån penge


A good music collection by Céline she is a very beautiful singer with lots of talent in her career!!


The album which sold 185 million awesome copies...

Hello there.!

_from the Philippines https://www.facebook.com/pages/Celine-Dion-Philippines/131568470344354?r...

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Listening to this album <3

i love this album

album of the year in 1998

awesome celine

That track talk about love is playing right in my car now, love all your music Celine


I have this album playing in my car right now with "Miles to go (before I sleep) on repeat <3

Love to dream Dream to love


My eddition of the album didn't have like five of these tracks. Sad

Love her my nefu loves titanic

i adore this album , thx celine

this is incredible .........................................
i love it so much


I have always loved this album as a whole and not only because of My Heart Will Go On. Celine has such a unique voice and in this album, it's truly showcased; especially in her duets with so many great artists. Everything about this album is beautiful...From the photos with elegant black background; to the way the songs progress from one to the other. There's one about love, then heartbreak, and back to love again. It's so much like real life and the way a person can fall in and out of love. The songs on this album have spoken to me and really fit my life many times. Currently, I'm favoring The Reason. However, Immortality has long been my favorite LTAL song.
I can safely say that I can recommend listening to Let's Talk About Love to just about anyone. It's the kind of album that anyone can listen to, at any age, for any reason, and find something to like. It's as versatile as Celine's amazing voice, and that's why this album is one of my favorites.

Belong to the moment, every moment, of every day.

é MARCELLO DION tem toda a razão estamos esperando nossa diva a qui nobrasil afinal aqui tem uma boa quantidade de fans dela, e simplesmente vai ser um estourq uendo CELINE DION cier por aqui.

I am sweet and very friendly carinhozo with good humor nuit watching life go and live her dreams and goals always crave but only now that I'm running consegundo


Esse é um dos melhores álbuns de Celine, só no meu pais vendeu mais de 1 milhão de copias...
Celine depois de Vegas estamos esperando você aqui no Brasil...


Very very very very love this album Sexy
This album is my very first feel to Celine Dion!!!
Sold more than 31 million copies make it as one of best selling album worldwide!!!

My fav tracks are
Tell him
When i need you
To Love You More

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This is the best album of Celine and song "Us" is the best song of Celine Dion!