Celine Dion: Incognito

Celine Dion: Incognito
Release date: Thu, Apr 2nd, 1987
Here's what us naive folks at Sony Music wrote in 1988 about a brand new French artist named Celine Dion:

"When youth, beauty and talent come in one package, the results are truly explosive! And Celine Dion has it all: a rich, powerful voice; breathtaking beauty; and a shining personality. Only twenty-one years of age, and she already has an excellent reputation and 'strong track record.'

First time listeners to this debut album must agree that youth, beauty, and talent, indeed have combined to make Celine a bright rising star in today's musical galaxy!"

Who would have guessed?
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This was a special moment in Celine Dion's career, because she was still not very well known around the world. But you sense and feel throughout the songs that there is this unbelievable talent that you know will last forever! ny bat removal

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My favourite songs are:

On Traverse Un Miroir
Delivre Moi

Hi, my name is Ryan,I was listening to "special" incognito on u tube and there was a song that I've never heard. It's not on the original incognito....so anyway in the video there's a bunch of wrecked cars and celine looks very punk rock and I'm dying to know what song it is.....I tried to the best of my knowledge to translate the song so I can research it but my French isn't good enough....again the u tube video is called Special Incognito and it's the second to the last song.....if there's anyone out there please please please help me find what this song is called. Sad Ryan fredericks.

Our website lists all of Celine’s releases since she signed her contract with Sony Music Canada (CBS Records) in 1987.


This album is not available for sale I can't find it anywhere. My favourite songs are "On traverse un miroir" and "Delivre moi". By the way, what happened to all the previous albums? We all know there were many albums before "Incognito" but they don´t appear on this website.

The only album I still haven't found for sale.


i hope be your fun

Music (( celine dion )) is part of my life

393623_10151247716191062_207444478_n.jpg53.19 KB

love it


I bought mine from a friend who was in Las Vegas, loved it! An album that worth to listen to it at home forever!

Ok this isn't her debut album she already had 10 albums out before she crossed over to the US market

I just might change my mind and let you in my life forever!

Adoro a musica "Partout je te vois'' é lindíssima...


Music "Delivre-Moi" c'est magnifique!


Celine very first record Smile


"Incognito" is Celine Dion's debut album. Before she became the diva of pop she is today, she was singing just as beautifully. You don't need to be fluent or even know any French to enjoy her beautiful voice and the beautiful melodies. The song "Partout Je Te Vois" was translated into English for "Unison", her first English album. It is called "Have a Heart" and is one of the most touching and beautiful songs I have ever heard.