Celine Dion: D'elles

Celine Dion: D'elles
Release date: Tue, May 22nd, 2007
'D'elles' is concept project that celebrates womanhood. The lyrics for all thirteen songs were written by influential female authors from France and Quebec including: Françoise Dorin, Christine Orban, Nina Bouraoui, Marie Laberge, Lise Payette, Denise Bombardier, Nathalie Nechtschein, Jovette Alice Bernier, Janette Bertrand and George Sand (Baroness Dudevant). Celine's long-time friend and collaborator Jean-Jacques Goldman acted as music supervisor with songs composed by Jacques Veneruso, David Gategno, Erick Benzi, Gildas Arzel, Marc Dupré and Jean-François Breau.

This powerful work that centres around the theme of 'Woman' has been released in three formats:

Double Digipack (includes CD, "making of" DVD titled 'Céline parle D'elle(s),' a booklet of Celine photos, and a booklet including song lyrics and Celine's personal notes about each song)

Collector's Edition (includes CD, "making of" DVD titled 'Céline parle D'elle(s),' a mini-booklet of Celine photos and her personal notes about each song, a mini-booklet with song lyrics, and 4 glossy postcards)
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My favourite songs are:

Et s'il n'en restait qu'une
A cause
Je cherche l'ombre
Je ne suis pas celle
Le temps qui compte
On s'est aime a cause

I just love the tunes and way she sings in every single song on this album, and I am learning French, so it's perfect! My favorites... I can't even choose any because it love them all so much, although I think "La diva" is brilliant. Good job, Celine Dion!



I love this album a lot Laughing out loud it is my 2nd favorite french album ever and my 6th favorite album ever Smile here is my new list of order of favorites:
1-On s'est aime a cause
3-A cause
4-Je cherche L'ombre
5-Et S'il N'en restait qu'une
7-Je ne Suis pas Celle
8-Femme comme chacune
9-Le temps qui compte
10-Si j'etais quelqu'un
11-La diva
12-Les Paradis
13- Lettre de George Sand a Alfred de Musset
Love you forever Celine Smile

D'elles é o meu CD em francês favorito da Céline,as canções são simplesmente incríveis amo todas principalmente je cherche l'ombre,femme comme chacune,je ne suis pas celle e on s'est aimé à cause!!!

I love this French album so much it's my 2nd favorite Celine French album and my 6th favorite of all Celine's albums.
This is the order of my favorite songs from this album from1st to last:
1.A Cause
2.Je Cherche L'ombre
3.Et S'il N'en Restait Qu'une (je serais celle-la)
4.Le Temps Qui Compte
5.Je Ne Suis Pas Celle
6.Femme Comme Chacune
7.On S'est Aime A Cause
9.Si J'etais Quelqu'un
10.La Diva
12.Les Paradis
13.Lettre De George Sand A Alfred De Musset
<3 je t'aime tellement Celine pour toujour Smile!!!!! <3


This is maybe the best french album of celine, I love it a lot. The start in "et s'il ne restait qu'une" it's very powerful, and the end in "berceuse" it's sweet and relaxing. I love the rhythm of "les paradis", it's so cheerful, but my favourite song of the album is "le temps qui compte", be' cause of the amazing lyrics!


Being promoted as the semi-sequel to D'eux, I believe that D'elles does a great job mixing ballads and euro-pop, as a way to usher Celine into the second decade of the new millennium. My favorite songs are "A Cause" (for that insane euro-pop beat) and "Et s'il n'en restait qu'une (je serais celle-là)." However, I feel that "Le Temps Qui Compte" is very underrated. Overall, it's a beautifully produced album and a wonderful follow-up to D'eux and 1 fille & 4 types.

Is there a place on tj´his or any other website that can translate Céline´french song to english, and I mean the right way. It is not always that they have the same meaning i english a french, that´s why i want the direct transfer.


Celine Dion is the best singer in the world

J'aime cet album

Jensen Johhanson 004.jpg3.3 KB

É um álbum maravilhoso, especialmente pelas canções Immensité e Em s'est aime uma causa...
D'elles é um CD bilhante...
Celine cada vez mais se supera...