Celine Dion: The Colour of My Love

Celine Dion: The Colour of My Love
Release date: Tue, Nov 9th, 1993
'The Colour Of My Love' is Celine Dion's third English language record. The anticipation for this release was originally heightened by the hype around the success of the soundtrack to the hit film 'Sleepless in Seattle,' for which Celine sang the theme song "When I Fall In Love" with Clive Griffin. 'The Colour Of My Love' boasts a number of ballad performances that equal such notable Dion hits as her Grammy-winning "Beauty And The Beast" and the Top 5 single "If You Asked Me To." Celine reinforces her prior reputation with this album's premiere single and video, "The Power Of Love."

Together with hits like "Misled," "Only One Road," and "Think Twice," this is a release that will surely be very difficult to top.

Other tracks from 'The Colour Of My Love' prove Celine's range of talent. "Refuse to Dance," with its foreboding atmosphere, swirling gypsy violin lines and enigmatic lyrics, is unlike anything Celine has ever recorded before. "Loving Proof" evokes the glory days of Philadelphia soul, as its vibraphone-tinged verses lead into a breathtaking chorus of strings and voices. 'The Colour Of My Love' closes with its title song, co-written and produced by David Foster and certain to become a standard in the canon of Celine Dion ballads.
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The first Celine's album I bought. I think it's one of her best albums.

My favourite songs are:

The Power Of Love
Think Twice
When I Fall In Love
Love Doesn't Ask Why
Just Walk Away
The Colour Of My Love


This is one of the best albums ever!!!! I love it so so much!!!!! Laughing out loud
here is my order of favorites from this album Laughing out loud
1-I remember L.A.
2-Love doesn't ask why
3-Just walk away
4-The colour of my love
5-The power of love
6-Only one road
7-Think twice
8-When I fall in love
9-Next plane out
11-Refuse to dance
12-No living without loving you
13-Lovin proof
14-Real emotion
15-Everybody's talking my baby down
Love you so much Celine Laughing out loud


This album changed my life, Celine!!! Because I was in a bad moment in my life and I discovered your voice with this album and your voice helped me a lot! For this reason, this album means a lot for me and it's so special in my life.

Thank you for all Celine!


Gaudeix del moment!

The first song of Celine I'v heard was JUST WALK AWAY, I was 14 years old. The next day I bout all of Celine's castes (back in early 90's) this album and especially this song accompanied me in my life. From all the singers in the world Celine knows to sing straight in to my heart and stay there.
I love you Celine so much, I wish you would know that.

I just got this album 2day from my aunt and this album is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!


that is so amazing, good luck on your music tours celine

ohhh i love the song #ColourOfMyLove..the best!!!

i tried to hold my eyes tears but i could not
i tried to return its back to my heart but i could not
my heart can no longer tolerate it may burst more sorrow
every tear then i felt that my heart wants to unload all the grief and
the nation through theses drops ...
every tear which carry pain and grief to me
i tried to break the wall of despair
to stand by the courage is rope
climb by the ladder of hope ...but i field .....then i felt something warm
sneak into my eyes and my heart..........
i looked then smiled when darling come
i was need the tears to wash and sorrows my heart...
in that time i would only see my baby
even those tears did not care about it ...i do not feel it
maybe my darling ...may dry its
she were raced the winds missing to meet me
like a beautifull bird uniqueness wings and carried me with her ...
to fly together to a beautifull and far world
a world full of of happiness full of love .....hopes and sincerity...
loyalty and purity then i urging a wonderfull tears .....not sad
but tears of love and happiness...

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i love this album
_specially the song "NEXT PLANE OUT"_
the best_!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love you celine


The best Personally for me, & I would like to know the meaning of Patent Pending TM 010D,550.LE...,

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Dr.Redwan 666...


The "Colour of My Love" is my favorite album. The songs are just incredible. The message to Renee she wrote in the back of the booklet is priceless! =]


Successful, thanks to the careful production, professional songwriting and Dion's powerhouse performances. The highly produced quality carves out a place in our memory, a fine album.


This album sold more than 20 million copies!!!


My fav track is the power of love Sexy


Love this amazing album Sexy