Water From The Moon


I've looked everywhere I can
Just to find a clue
Oh to get to you
And make you want me
And I've run circles 'round the sun
Chasin' after you
Oh but it's no use
Can't you see that I'm going out of my mind
Trying to find a way to get through to you
Oh you don't know how hard I try
And I try and I try
What do I gotta do

Do I gotta get water from the moon
Is that what do I gotta do
To make you love me
Make you love me
Do I gotta turn the sand into the sea
Is that what you want from me
I've done everything that I can do
But get water from the moon

I've reached high up in the sky
Tryin' to steal the stars
Oh to win your heart
But even that's not enough
And I've searched every book I know
Just to find the words
Oh to touch your world and get some love out of you
I've already given all I can give
And I don't I don't know what's left to try
And I try and I try
What do I gotta do

Do I gotta get water from the moon...

Love me, how do I make you love me
How do I make you see that I'm goin'
out of my mind

I try, and I try, and I try...

(Diane Warren)
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a nice ballad

It reminds me of a trip we took to the airport. My dad was active duty airforce and he was on a tour to Korea for a year, and I heard this song and it was like, What do I have to do to keep you from going back? Get water from the moon. very touching song

This song helped me to find my emotions in a time of life when I was in so much pain, trying to win love from so many people. For me this song will always have a special place in my heart. it helped me find my strength--and to keep it.

Through every trying and difficult in my life, this song has been there. It has helped me find the strength to know what I feel. It is incredibly moving and powerful.

Je crois que c'est la meilleure chanson de Ciline. Dhs que j'ai entendu cette chanson pour la premihre fois, les poils m'ont dressis sur le corps tellement elle venait me chercher. C'est une chanson que j'icoute beaucoup encore aujourd'hui.