Celine Dion: 1 fille & 4 types

Celine Dion: 1 fille & 4 types
Release date: Tue, Oct 14th, 2003
Surround Celine Dion with three writers-composers and an artistic director who have made their mark on the French music scene and you get '1 fille & 4 types,' Celine's first French album in 5 years. The voice of one or other of these incomparable artists - Jacques Veneruso, Erick Benzi, master guitarist Gildas Arzel and superstar Jean-Jacques Goldman - accompanies Celine's performance throughout the album, produced by Benzi and guided by Goldman from start to finish.

The album includes the lead single "Tout l'or des hommes," a rallying song with a touching and energizing melody.
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My favourite songs are:

Tout l'or des hommes
Le vol d'un ange
Tu nages
Je t'aime encore
Rien n'est vraiment fini
Contre nature


This album is one of my favorites french albums ever Smile I love it Smile
My favorites in order are:
1-Et je t'Aime encore
2-Tout l'or des homme
4-Le vol d'un ange
5-Mon homme
6-Tu nage
7-Contre nature
8-Rien n'est vraiment fini
9-Je lui dirai
11-des milliners De baisers
12-Ne Bouge pas
Love you forever Celine Laughing out loud


Lovely French album, I love Celine singing in their native language.

Just bought it

nice french album

This is my favorite album! I love all, but this one is so good!


pour moi c JE LUI DIRAI tellement beau que je reve a chaque fois que je l'écoute .... Merci Céline


My fav track is Tout l'or des hommes Smile