2004/01/11 7:00AM Canada (English)

Céline On MMM

Canadian fans can tune in to MuchMoreMusic on Sunday, January 11 for a double shot of Céline. First, at 11:00 a.m. ET you can watch Driven : Celine Dion. Then airing at midnight, Céline makes a guest appearance on the special An Audience With The Bee Gees.

2004/01/10 7:00AM Canada (English)

Photos Of Céline At Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Earlier this week, Céline was honoured with a star on the famous Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Click here to see photos of Céline at the ceremony held on Tuesday, January 6.

2004/01/09 7:00AM Canada (English)

Contest Winners

TeamCeline and www.celinedion.com gave away lots of exciting prizes to fans from around the world in 2003 and you can expect more in 2004. Recent prizes have included tickets to attend a TV taping in Montréal and a prize pack of exclusive items from The Boutique online. Click here to find out more and to view lists of winners.

2004/01/08 7:00AM Canada (English)

Share Your Thoughts

At www.celinedion.com, we love to hear what fans think of Céline’s songs and albums. Visit the Music section and select your favorite new song from ‘1 fille & 4 types,’ ‘One Heart’ or a favorite from a past album. Check out ‘What This Song Means To Me’ to read reviews and stories submitted by fans from around the world. You can also submit your own!

2004/01/07 7:00AM Canada (English)

Céline Wins Polish Award

Céline is the recipient of a 2003 Dragon Award in Poland. She won the award in the ‘Female Artist of the Year – International’ category.

2004/01/06 7:00AM Canada (English)

Artist Of The Year

Céline has been named 2003’s Artist of the Year and Female Singer of The Year according to an annual poll conducted in Québec for the newspaper Journal de Montréal by Léger Marketing.

2004/01/05 7:00AM Canada (English)

TeamCeline Monthly Contest!

Starting today, members of TeamCeline can enter the monthly contest to win a pair of VIP tickets for A New Day… Click here for details on this exclusive offer from TeamCeline!

2004/01/04 7:00AM Canada (English)

Céline Trivia

The ‘1 fille & 4 types’ CD booklet features a selection of photos taken in Paris and Las Vegas while recording the album. The famous French rock photographer Claude Gassian, who has worked with the Rolling Stones, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Sting and Alain Souchon, captured Céline while in Paris during October 2002. The Las Vegas session took place in May 2003 while filming the video "Tout l'or des hommes." Yannick Saillet, who also shot the video, photographed Céline and the "4 types" while on set.

2004/01/03 7:00AM Canada (English)

Community Of Fans

Wind down after the holiday festivities and get acquainted with fellow Celine fans from around the world. The Rendez-vous section of www.celinedion.com boasts an incredible community of fans who share your love of Celine. You can chat live 24 hours a day or read and post your views on a variety of topics. So sit down, relax and come join our community.

2004/01/02 7:00AM Canada (English)

Release of ‘The French Love Album’ In China

A collection of Céline’s early French singles was recently released in China. ‘The French Love Album’ includes the songs “La voix du Bon Dieu,” “Les chemins de ma maison,” “Mon ami m’a quitté,” “Ne me craignez pas” and “Benjamin.”