Pandora Presents Celine Dion

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I love you so much céline!!! I really hope meet you soon my queen S2

Hello mamacita !^^
Wish I could see you in personal ! ××
Or you could make a concert here in the Philippines =)
' I'm your biggest fan here in the Philippines =) <3

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hopefully i see you in person I LOVE YOU MISS CELINE, almost every day I always listen to youre music..........LEILANIE,FROM:PHILIPPINES

You're phenomenal Céline!!!! Thank God for giving us a remarkable person like you which make us feel everything with every single note of your extraordinary voice!! It will be a wish come true if only one day I could meet you backstage and say hi.


Your Ave Maria is a divine revelation!!!! Charming Queen of Beauty with charming divine voice!!!!! I wish you happiness, success and good luck!!!!! Celine Marie Claudette Dion is best in the world!!!!

Dr. Jacob L. Turumin