Celine Rehearsing for the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in China - February 2013

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Wow!! The gala has made some terrific world records! I think it has the world's highest audience........I watched the video in which Celine teamed up with soprano Zuying in which they sung a popular Chinese folk song called "Mo Li Hua"...!!!!

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Celine is beautiful both on inside and outside... her music is amazing... I'm in love with every single song that she has ever made Smile

When is Celine Dion coming to Nigeria???

IM JUST WONDERING WHERE I CAN SEND OUR PROPOSAL WITH REGARDS TO ASK PERMISSION TO USE THE SONGS OF CELINE DION in our mini adaptation of A NEW DAY in our province. As an AVID FAN of celine dion and event organizer i want to share to my fellow men in our province how great celine dion is and her performance at las vegas. So with this we're planning to have a mini show like A NEW DAY even though we have no BIG WIDE LCD SCREEN which we cant afford to do so but the format, the dances and dancers are the same. PLEASE HELP US TO CONTACT HER TEAM TO ASK PERMISSION. please send us to brother_of_zhu@yahoo.com PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

toujours aussi belle celine jtmmmmmmm

wow it's great u can sing in Chinese, i hope u will come to Indonesia especially in Jakarta, would u?

Dear Céline,
You look absolutely fantastic♥.

I'll be waiting for you
Here inside my ♥

Prague ♥
Antwerp ♥

happy new year~~~!!!!!!

epic titanic thanks for your performance

Stunning. Great performances!

So beautiful!!!Celine,you're the best!!!

Celine, you're so beautiful and talented!!! Smile
Love you<3


You are my inspiration and hero! You make music sound like no other on this planet, like a vintage wine you get better with age! Love you celine hurry up and come back to uk havent been to a concert to top your last tour x x x

I have always loved your music & especially since my hubby proposed 2 me with "Because You Love Me", and the cool thing was last night was watching the movie "Up Close and Personal" with Michelle Pfeiffer & Robert Redford and our song came on!!! very moving and made me cry remembering that day August 7th 1997, which was my birthday!! we've been married almost 14 years now, but together for almost 17!!!

Love Always
Vernita Ihnen
721 E. 6th St.
Sioux Falls SD 57103

P.S.: have always wanted 2 see you in concert but can't afford another big trip like last year when we took our son 2 DisneyWorld, after we put his child molester in prison for the next 50 years!!! we needed the time 2 get away & forget & for him just 2 be a kid!!! His birthday is tomorrow Feb.9th he will be 10 years old!!!