Celine Accepting Her Third BAMBI Award

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I have been talking with my friend about, he though it is really interesting as well. Keep up with your good work, free samples by mail

your life is very inspiring and you will leave a huge legacy. God bless. Vegas Conference

I remember watching the show on my mobile phone as I was sitting in the train on my way home from university. Céline opened the show with a very cute sentence in German Smile And I was very excited all day long because I knew Céline was in Germany (which is next to Switzerland), so it felt like having her really close (compared to Las Vegas...) Wink

I know this was last year..but congratulations Celine! You deserve this and so much more! Awaiting the release of your next english album! So exciting Smile

Celine I'm so happy you have been awarded, you really deserve it! Smile

Beautiful Celine.
Congrats <3

Celine you are always so beautiful, congratulations!!!!!

Elle <3