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Celine has such a big heart. I love how she is so humble and comes across like she is one of us even though she's a big star.

Dear Celine: Hey Celine my name is Ella and im 11 years old and i really love your music since i was 5 i was singing your song called " To Love You More" and you are my biggest inspiration all i wish for my birthday is to meet you i really like you because of your generousity,kindness and for being a wonderful mom to your children you are the best mom in the world ILOVEYOUU<33 i hope you will come to my school in Toronto Canada! TORONTO LOVES YOU CELINE <3


Wow! the video of Celine talking to Debra was quite something but what was really sad and heart racing was when Celine talked about Karine her niece and stared to cry and get really emotional. it just made me want to jump through this screen and give her a big hug. at that moment I would tell her I don't want an autograph or anything like that, I just want you to know that I felt your emotion when you started to cry and all I could think about was how much you love and miss Karine, and every thing you felt when you were trying to talk while crying I felt and at that moment my heart told me every reason why u r so beloved: the love and kindness and generosity you give and share with the world and those who surround you with love, the happy and sad emotions that you u r never afraid to express no matter where you are what your doing who's around you and what the situation is all that and much more lets us know the true human being that you are and all I wanted to do was give you a hug and tell you that God knows your feelings and he knows how much you truly love and miss Karine but she is in a better place now and she'll never forget you and she'll always be with you inside your heart she has still and always will love you Celine and I know you feel the same for her and someday Celine you will get to see her again Smile
<3 I will forever and always love you Celine and I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you will get through this knowing that karine would want you to because she loves you and that you and the cystic fibrosis foundation will find a cure to save the lives of those innocent children ~ I will always love you Celine! you are my HERO <3

Hello Celine, my name is Rosy I belong to the Asociación Regiomontana de Fibrosis Quística in Monterrey, Mexico, I am a single mom of a 5-year-old boy he has Cystic Fibrosis, in our association the majority of the patients are children and adolescents, we have a man who is 34 years old called Raúl Guzmán and he need a lung transplant was already carried out in San Antonio, Texas and he is a candidate, the surgery cost $500,000 usd. We are trying to collect money for the transplant, however we have only 3 months for transplantation because their health is deteriorating day by day and we don't have the amount needed yet.

For us he is a hope that our children can have a future, in Mexico the average life is lower than in other countries, would mean a lot, which may come to gather the necessary for the transplant and thus be able to continue living, and we, like a parents believe that it is possible that they can continue with their lives.

I Beg you to help us what you think convenient, either directly paying the hospital or by sending funds to our Association.
Asociacion Regiomontana de Fibrosis Quística, AC
Monterrey, México
Phone (81) 8365-3836, (81) 8343-3870

I hope you can help us and I thank you with all my heart what you can do for him and our Association, God Bless you.

wow...Celine is indeed a very generous person!

It has passed in one year since suffering a calamity by the earthquake and tsunami which attacked Japan on March 11.2011.
The message of Celine's to disaster victim people became a support of the heart. Thank you very much.
It is not recovered yet by the crack of the heart of yours, the disaster victims who lost their important people and house, and it must be fought from now on.
However, we the Japanese surely recover from the tragedy of this earthquake disaster.
Also Celine who loves, and from now on, please aid us.
Your existence will serve as a support of our heart.
and Thank you for your supports from people in all of the world!!!


Merry Christmas


< This channel is a gift from me to all Celine fans >
Includes a lot of High Quality Videos ..
Enjoy Smile

Celine is like mum to me cus tru her music she care 4 me.

Celine, you've got a very big heart!
I'm so proud to be your fan!
Hope to meet you soon!

Dear celine, always you have been an inspiration to all indeed. You ' ve shared so much of youself to the world. Thats the reason why it made you drew closed to my heart since i was a little girl. You will always be my favorite singer in the world Laughing out loud love- elaiza

Dear Celine,

I'm so glad that you have chosen to use your beautiful voice to help those in need. I wish I could do the same with my voice someday. I came from Iran during the 1978 revolution which tore my country apart and nose dived it to the dark ages. I know I can do so much to help liberate my people, and people of the world from tyranny anywhere it may exist today. No one should live like this. I believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every person; justice equity and compassion in human relations, acceptance of one another and encouragement to ethical growth, a free and responsible search for truth and meaning from science to philosophy to religion; the right of conscious and the use of democratic process; the world community with peace, liberty and justice for all; and finally the respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part, which means taking care of our environment, respecting all life on earth, including our human brothers and sisters, and all creatures great and small.

My wish is to have the honour of meeting you in person and receive some insight on how I may be of help to the world at large; even in some small way. I know that you and I, together can make this dream a reality for the future of our children. Teaching our children values to pass on to the next generations to come to bring us closer to the power of the dream of world peace and harmony, clean environment and end to poverty and hunger around the world. I know in my heart that you feel as I do. You and I are a few months apart in age; and by the way Happy Birthday. Mine will be coming on May 16th. I'll be 43 as well.

I wish you and your family, the best life can offer, and I hope to hear from you soon.
God Bless and Keep You Safe.
Blessed Be.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Dear Celine.
I am miyuki okamura from Japan.

Now People in TOUHOKU Japan, many many older, children ,mothers, bodyes who dead from TUNAMI are getting cold.
It is still attucking from secound disaster and more disasters might attuck there.
No food no gus no water no safe land. They can not escape from there if they need.. pepole are getting clold and hungry.
But people are hanging there storongry. keep helpping each other ,working hard, at this morment.

I think Japanease will be fine and make new better Japan in near futuer I believe! and pray!

The people say now need music!! need clum, even if it is quick time.
I think your song " I BELIEVE IN YOU" will be the power for The Japan and people.
Your song are telling people that 'you are not ronly' 'you can find or meet someday somewhere that you love' and more I think.

we need wilIing be THE ONE more tight I think.
I believe your song will be help somebody loves somebody who storenger for each one.
Becouse I was helped by your song when I was in the dark.
So I know your voice and song are telling our love directry.

Thank you very much from bottom of my haert celine.
Please come to Japan and sing again.
We need your love.

miyuki okamura

Please sing for us and Japan.

Pray for Japan!

Je t'aime, Celine ♥

As Oprah said - You... Celine Dion ... are ... "THE REAL DEAL !!!!!"

She is amazing...
Thanks a lot Celine...
Luv u...

Thank you Celine and everyone around the world supporting Japan!!
We Japanese thanks your feelings of sympathy.
It is a really sad and painful event for us.
There are a lot of destroyed buildings, dead, and missing person.
But We'll gets over this sadness helping each other.

Hi, I have been purchasing Celine's CD album since over 10 years ago.
I have many favorite song in Celine's!
I have very excited concert at world tour in TokyoDome.

In Japan, some hundred of children lost parents by the worst tsunami.
I think Celine's singing help the children's heart.
I wish the children could enjoy Celine's special concert... Smile

Thank you this forum & reading!

Thank you Celine. I want to say it from bottom of my heart.
Thank you very very much. I love you.

You are a person I admire very much my dream is you r lhr conheser a hug and tell you how I love you I love you forever Celine Dion I hope this day will take place Be happy you and your Family ... You're my perfect for me ... ♥

Dear Celine,

You truly are an inspiration to all!!!

I have been following your journey for almost 20 years. I clearly remember the first time I got a hold of your Power of Love CD. I was in elementary school and insisted that instead of doing homework, I hand write all the lyrics of your song in my journal. Since then, I have not put your music down.

I've been to many of your shows and when I heard you were coming back to the US at Caesars in Las Vegas, I could not pass up the opportunity. I jumped when I saw show listings and purchased tickets the moment they were available, almost 400 something days in advance. Not one day has passed that I don't think about the excitement of attending yet another one. I can't wait to watch you perform on April 2,2011, the day after my 28 th birthday.

Your presence and your music is both empowering and encouraging. Your music speaks volumes. And your volunteer and donating services speak even louder. I also am a strong believer that we should be thankful for what we have and give to those that don't. Through this, I have become a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County, and have organized charity events that benefit children. I think what you're doing is wonderful and am grateful for having such an inspiration to look up to.

Thank you for music and your kindness to the world.
Kelli #1 FAN.


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vedrai che ho inseriot alcuni tuoi video come supporto, abbiamo intenti comuni e anch'io sono un artista, perciò ti INVITO ad iscriverti al nostro Gruppo per rafforzare il tuo appello all'ONU ed organizzare un incontro diretto sia alla White House sia all'assemblea dell'ONU.

Incontriamoci !

Un caro saluto dal Santuario della Madonna del Rosario di Pompei NA ITALIA

Stefano Armellin

Pompei, giovedì 13 gennaio 2011

Stefano Armellin

Summertime is one of my absolute favorite Celine performances. I love it because she can do any type of music perfectly and this type of jazzy/blues song sounds absolutely amazing. Although it does not have the typical Celine high notes that impress most people, her range is so incredible in this song. Love you Celine!

Don't give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that's the way it is<3

You are my Idol, my hero. You have a beautiful heart . God bless you and your family always. I love you! ♥♥
P.S. You get more gorgeous ever day!

The greatest reward is the sound of your voice,
The Greatest Voice Ever! ♥

GO GIRL!!!!!!!
dats y i lov u!!!!

"Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith." (Muslim)

celine is such a beautiful and kind person... Smile


Celine is truly an amazing person, and human being. She, and Rene, do so much for charity I really admire her for doing that.

Celine is very gentle and human
She is my idol

You are so gentle Celine Shock
Very proud of you!!!

Céline has such a big heart.. I'm so proud of being a fan of hers.. Thank you Céline for helping many people.. Thank you for giving many people the hope they need to keep going. I love you so so so very much.

Remember her name because you'll never forget her voice.

So proud of Ms. Dion and her charity work.

“ Will you love me for the rest of my life?” No, I’ll love you for the rest of mine.” Always ...

She has such a heavy French Canadian accent here! love! They could not have picked a better candidate Smile