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your life is very inspiring and you will leave a huge legacy. God bless. Vegas Conference

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I love all of your perfums Celine, but my favouritie is Belong

I have all of your parfums even Memento that I bought at the boutique at Caesars on my very first visit to Vegas. I love them all and each one has it's own wonderful scent. When you wear a particular parfum it makes you feel so beautiful and it lets you know that,you are a woman so go out there and conquer the world like Celine has,because whatever you want to do you can do it just put your all into it and you will get there.

Deborah Keith Hodapp

i love all of your songs i was so so dissapointed i could not attend your show in jamaica love you

ilove your all songs idol i wish i see you someday here in the Philippines take care and god bless

You have always been my favourite vocalist of all time. You must have a billion fans from all over the world saying this to you, but i thought to still share Smile your life is very inspiring and you will leave a huge legacy. God bless

Merry Christmas


< This channel is a gift from me to all Celine fans >
Includes a lot of High Quality Videos ..
Enjoy Smile


I'm gonna buy them soon Smile because i don't have anyone Sad
I love you so much Celine! You are the best <3 <3 <3 <3

I love you and your parfums!!!
You are amazing!

Can't choose one, I love them all. Celine fragrances are the only ones I'll put on! Smile

The greatest reward is the sound of your voice,
The Greatest Voice Ever! ♥

I love all your fragrances Celine Sexy