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December 15-19 2014 will Celine be performing?

I am wanting to know if Celine Dion will be performing from the 15th to the 19th December 2014. She is my absolute favourite and I really want to see her perform. Will She be performing at Caesars on these dates? I really don't want to miss her.
I would really appreciate if someone could get back to me ASAP. Thankyou


When do they announce tickets for new Vegas shows?

I'm hoping to go and see Celine in April 2015 but I'm just wondering when they release dates for the shows as I have to book flights, hotels etc. I've only just joined this TeamCeline thing so not sure what I get etc but my friend and I are desperate to go and see Dion in Vegas soon!


September 2014

Hi will Celine be on in September 2014


I'm the winner of some contest

I was called and told I won something from a contest and it was real can someone from the club notify me about at tafurjoseph6@live.com

"I'm a Celine Dion fan. you gotta deal with it!
Taking of from The legend of Korra


Las Vegas September Schedule??

Hi All,

New to the site and excited to be part of the community. Me and my boyfriend are heading to New York in Early September to get engaged (excitement) and I want to go and see Celine in Las Vegas. I cannot seem to find any details of her Las Vegas dates relating to September 2014 - does anyone have any info on this? Or know when the dates will be announced?

Go raibh maith agat a chairde,



Meet and Greet (already have the tickets)--Looking for someone to go in HALF :)

I am looking for a Celine fan to go in about HALF with me for a meet and greet that I have won from an auction. The meet and greet will be this August (2014). I paid 19,000 for the 2 tickets and am looking for someone who wants the other one for $7,500 (The auction included a 2 night hotel room which I am going to keep). Please send me a private message if you interested and I will go over the details with you!!!


Flying over more than 20hours across the Pacific Ocean ...to attend Celine Dion's concert on 19th March 2014

I finally get to see Celine liveeeeeeee @ Vegas. Its been my dream to see her perform in Vegas. (got my self a fourth row seat)

And i still cant believe im actually flying off trow morning...from Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA.

Im soooooooo excited. See you on the 19th March 2014... together with my Best Fren.

Thank You
Siti Nurhalina

p/s: hoping that i would gt to see her in person

Siti Nurhalina Ishak
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


12th March 2014 Show

What an amazing show last night! Céline is perfect. She never misses a note, flows the show superbly & moves around every part of the stage to ensure all fans get a good view. I was lucky enough to be sitting in the second row & Céline touched my hand & my wife's! I feel blessed to have touched the hand of my favourite singer & someone who is such a big part of my life. This woman is total perfection! This was my 5th Céline concert, 4th in Vegas & I can't wait to come back!


If You Are Thinking About Going To Las Vegas To See A Concert - DO IT

The show is genuinely outstanding, Celine's voice is better than ever, there is a lot of variety in the set list and by the time everything is over you'll still be wanting more. If you have the opportunity don't put it off for another "someday" because it is very likely that this will be the best concert that you ever see (and hear).


Friday march 14

When I met my husband he told me that Celin Dion, with her voice and songs litterly saved his life. Without Her he would killed him self. He is a huge fan of her, so this Valentineday I supresed him with flightticket from Stockholm in Sweden to Los Angeles and a ticket to the one and only Celine Dion. Guess ig he was suprised!? He sat for an hour and just said OMG!! And that night he was crying och shaking al night long. Now it´s soon time to go to The States and watch the show! So to all you people who going to se the show at the same night: Let´s enjoy!