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In Her Own Words

2014/08/25 3:00AM Canada (English)

“Transforming dreams into miracles is sometimes just a step away. All we need is to believe: believe in life, believe in ourselves, believe in this night and in the present. Children do this… let’s follow their lead. Never let the child inside you disappear. This is the miracle that I wish for you tonight.”
-Celine, speaking to her fans.

Do you know where this quote comes from? Here’s a hint; Celine originally made this statement in French:
« Du rêve au miracle, il n’y a parfois qu’un petit pas, celui d’y croire. Croire à la vie, croire en nous, croire à ce soir, au moment présent. Les enfants réussissent à le faire, on devrait peut-être les regarder et ne jamais laisser disparaître l’enfant qui est en chacun de nous. C’est le miracle que je nous souhaite ce soir ! »


Une Seule Fois! I remember this part vividly as I was watching it! Great concert!

Miracle is always to you Celine! I love you!

I love you Celine Dion!

This is one of the reasons why I am proud that I am admiring an artist like Celine Dion.. She's not just singing, but most especially, she inspires her fans from her songs and reflections Smile As a fan, I know, I'm in the right path. She's awesome ! Laughing out loud

#A fan of real artist is a fan of Celine Dion

I got a copy of this and watched this last week. Une Seule Fois.

Her message comes deeply from her Heart. It's very inspiring Celine. Wink

I love the idea of posting Celine's wise reflections on her website Smile
Thank you so much,!

Une Seule Fois
I love it sooooooo much Smile

These words make me cry... How wise Céline is ! All we need now is a miracle for Céline & Réne´s recuperation. We believe in like the children.

We miss of you, Céline!


Of course Une Seule Fois 2013!
When I've seen this words I took my phone & I started making pictures! Laughing out loud
I loved it so much! It's incredible! <3

I hope everything gonna be alright. I already miss Celine. <3 We need this miracle.

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!

Yes, it's from "Une seule fois" and she said it before she sang "Le Miracle" Smile It's definitely one of the most beautiful things she's ever said! These words touched me deeply when I first watched this concert on TV last Christmas and I was very happy to see that they put the quote into the CD/DVD booklet! Smile

I moved her this comment to fan!!!
I believe miracle Celine's coming back to stage again!!!
I love Celine so much!!!

Yes Celine said it from her Une Seule Fois 2013 concert in Quebec before she sang Le Miracle Laughing out loud
This is one of my favorite Celine Quotes Laughing out loud <3
I love you forever Celine!!!!! Laughing out loud