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Does Celine Inspire You?

2014/03/12 3:00AM Canada (English)

Calling all creative fans! Show off your beautiful Celine inspired art with others! From sketches, paintings, sculptures, baked goods and even tattoos of Celine. We want to see it all! Take a pic of your creation and share it in our special section dedicated to amazing Celine fan art in the TeamCeline Forum! Not a member? Join now and start sharing!


Yes, Celine inspires me a lot...
She's one of those very few people about whom I think my life would be somehow empty without. She's often present in my thoughts and prayers.

Of course Céline inspires me, but not necessarily in an artistic way. It is more in my everyday life that she inspires me - Céline is always with me in my heart and with her at my side, I enjoy the beautiful moments in life even more and it is easier for me to go through the more difficult moments and to go on when I feel like giving up, for example in my studies or at work. Thank you for everything, Céline!

Hey, I am a 23 year old Visual Abstract Artist from Trinidad and Tobago, just out of art school at The University of the West Indies. I was preparing for over a year, to have my 1st art exhibition on Dec.12th.2013, and had done most of the work for it, that was until Celine came out with "Love Me Back To Life" I had to start over now with little to no time left to produce a new exhibition, Once more Celine was to Inspire me, I recalled how hard she worked to produce he new show in a short space of time, so with Back To Like played on repeat, i started over being fully Inspired by this new sound, my art went to a place I never knew it could go, and just like that I was Back To Life, so much so I names my exhibition Back To Life and played, Love Me Back To Life over and over on my opening night. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, For Every Thing I Am Thank You...

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I added something to the forum though its kind of different but it means a lot to me!!!!! Laughing out loud

I am inspired by Celine Dion and always have tears rolling down my face whenever I hear the song "GOODBYE". This song was introduced to me by my daughter Celine Rosa (coincidence) when we were on a long road trip. Whenever its been played, the beginning sounded like my daughter, which make me misses her more (she live in London). I never grew tired hearing Celine Dion's song.

She is an inspiration to all that being a singers, one can still have good and quality life with good family values.

Of course!! I sing since I knew her songs! and I got to record these songs all from her!!

My versions of Celine' songs right here! Smile

My singing..... She's my favorite singer of all times.
Sometimes, when I fool around... I like to sing into karaoke...
Also, I'm not english speaker... She was my inspiración for learning this language... So... I can talk un english because of her....
I love her!!!! Laughing out loud

Andres Diaz Amado


my very first nice draw of the DIVA!! <3

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My second paint

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My first paint

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My first paint Smile

When i lift the hotel where i worked for 15 years , my colleagues collect photos related to me and my previous work and created a collage showing Celine.
I was flabbergasted! it hangs in my living room.
Also there is a small tattoo on my shoulder showing the "open heart logo" from the lets talk about love period.

Celine is my inspiration and will stay like that till i die.

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I have a small tattoo on my chest, MC. The M stands for Mariah Carey (the M used in her perfume logo) and the C is for Céline (taken from her new logo) Smile They are both my biggest idols and this is my little tribute to them both.

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