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Did You Give Enough Love


You say you still don't know the reason why
I walked away
I know you thought you were so good to me

I didn't see it that way
My love's not something you can buy and sell
Like pearls on a string
And if you want to know where we went wrong
You ought to stop and think

Did you give enough love, did you show that you cared?
When I needed understanding were you really there?
Whenever I was down did you try to pick me up?
Maybe you should ask yourself, did you give enough love?

Baby I'm not trying to put you down
Your intentions were good
Even though I needed something more
You did the best you could


Did you give enough time when
I was alone
When I needed you there to make me feel I belonged
You just don't know what you did to me
I just had to be free

(S. Swirsky / A. Roman)
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